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Tamiya Auto Select R34


Arvou S2000 at Attack Maximum Challenge 2018


Motorhead – Heart vs Head


Mazda RX7



Random Pic: Voltex 350Z

Craft Company FD

Looks amazing.

Random Pic: Kansai Special STi

The inspiration. I’m thinking of getting the same wheel setup, Advan RG-Ds.

At the Nurburgring

M5 Won't Let Me Pass
M5 won’t let me pass, but…

FourPlusOne – Dicken’s Evo X

FourPlusOne – Dicken’s Evo X from FourPlusOne inMotion on Vimeo.

First time I see a stripped, street driven, Evo X.

Insane Varis Kitted Subaru

Somebody please give me money for a monster like this! Varis makes such sexy kits.
More pictures and link to specs after the jump.

Sick EVO X

Just saw this on Bulletproof’s facebook page, this is one of their customer cars. Love Varis aero parts, that wing definitely looks different, but it’s sick none the less.

Integra Type R and Civic Type R

Definitely a beautiful pair of cars, just read the feature over at Honda Tuning Magazine.
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