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RX7 – Everything you need to know

The car game needed a series like Up to speed lol.

More FD Fire

Back side after the jump


Mazda RX7


Rotary Experience

Craft Company FD

Looks amazing.

Arvou S2000 vs J’s Racing S2000 vs RE Amemiya FD

These touge battles really show off the tuning houses’ abilities.

Random Pic: Green FD

Those Advans are a perfect fit.

FDs Racing at Sugo International

The scream that Hondas make can’t easily be replicated. Seen at SoHonda.

Bad Ass Rotaries


Beautiful Widebody RX-7

Widebody RB25DET FD RX7
Amazing, its beautiful and powerful. I have never seen an RB in an FD before.
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