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Toyota AE86 – Everything You Need to Know

Donut Media’s Up To Speed videos are awesome! This one’s for the Initial D fans 😀


Love the classic!

Touge Attack

Hit the jump for the rest of the parts, you’re out of your mind if you don’t!

Advan FT86

NDF runs into this thing on Advans, beautiful, can’t wait to get my own ;).

Panda AE86

Hit the jump for more.

Random Pic: Majorforce AE86

Drifting at Nikko Circuit.

Comparison between the FR-S and BRZ

Check out the interesting read at Car and Driver. I guess the BRZ’s suspension is set up more for mild understeer while the FR-S is more like the classic Hachiroku we all know and love?

Luis’ 86


Luis’ AE86

Clean. I love my 86 in Forza so logically that means I would love driving one in real life lmao.

Drifting the FR-S

This definitely looks like it would be a fun car to drive.

Drifting my Hachiroku at Suzuka Circuit

This game is too fun.

Troy’s 13B Power AE86


Fujiwara Tofu Shop and it’s 86

Ah, Initial D, how you have affected us all, the car freaks that is…the car freaks who have watched it I guess. Now, I don’t really know what that sign says but it’d be perfect if it did say tofu shop haha. If anyone wants to confirm this, chime in!
Hit the jump for another shot.

Random Pic: Trueno

I don’t know how people make this kind of art but I like it. That’s definitely a good looking AE86.

Nisei Showoff 2011

Engine bays are still being pimped the eff out.