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April Alpinestars Forza Car Pack

Will definitely be driving the shit out of that Mercedes.

350Z vs NSX on Forza

On my Fujiwara shit, except in a Z.

Porsche coming to Forza 4

A total of 22 Porches will be added on May 22nd.

Random Pic: Evo IX at Maple Valley Raceway

This is how I get my racing fix.

Drifting my Hachiroku at Suzuka Circuit

This game is too fun.

At the Nurburgring

M5 Won't Let Me Pass
M5 won’t let me pass, but…

Downhill Madness

Took my virtual Subaru out for a spin lol.

Forza Motorsport 4

Just picked mine up, finishing up on some work and then I’m racing the night away haha. Jeremy Clarkson speaks the truth. If anyone wants to race and wants to convince me to get a Gold account, please do so haha.