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Random Pic: Kansai Special STi

The inspiration. I’m thinking of getting the same wheel setup, Advan RG-Ds.

White Hakosuka

Mark Arcenal's Hakosuka
Sean Klingelhoefer has one of the best automotive photography.

Runduce X Varis STi

Clean, here’s my inspiration! This is wallpaper sized too btw.

Honda Tuning Winter Issue Teaser

So much Honda goodness.

Formula D Championship 2011

Formula Drift: Title Fight 2011 from Loren Haleston on Vimeo.

Cool video.Looks like everyone was really pushing it.

First Class Fitment 2011 Video

Canibeat’s First Class Fitment 2011| A Func-tionDesigns Production from Henry Rojas on Vimeo.

Props to Func-tionDesigns, video was well done imo.

At the Nurburgring

M5 Won't Let Me Pass
M5 won’t let me pass, but…

Downhill Madness

Took my virtual Subaru out for a spin lol.

Two Sexy Hondas

Amazing quality.

Clean E36

If there’s one thing I love about PA it’s not needing front license plates.

Power, Looks and Comfort

The complete package.

Nice Blue/Black 370Z


Random Pic: White S14

Clean as can be, pic taken at Wek’fest.

Sexy Red MX-5

Mazda deserves some loving too and this is the perfect example of why.

Random Pic: Tracked Civic