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BMW Driftmob

Gymkhana 7

Not as creative, seems more like a way for Ken Block to show off what landmark he can do donuts on next that the average person can’t lol, still cool though.

BMW M4 Drift Clips

I’m developing a soft spot for these new M3/M4s lol.

Group K Touge Drifting in Japan

What is this Initial D? 😀

Outsiders Japan Movie by Driftworks

Interesting watch.

Guinness World Record for Fastest Drift

Goes to an 86! 217.973 kmh

Subaru STI Drifting

Pretty cool.

Hot Version The Muscle Drift Parts 1, 2 and 3 Vol. 111

Next part after the jump.

Mad Mike drifting Crown Range in New Zealand

Check out the interview on the project at Red Bull.

Say Howdy! Get Rowdy! S2 E1

Say Howdy! Get Rowdy! S2 Episode 1 Part 1 Chelsea DeNofa at Formula Drift Long Beach from BC RACING NA on Vimeo.

Cool BMW.


HKS 86


Japan Street Life

Kenneth Moen Hill Climb Drift

Nobuteru Taniguchi’s 360 Drift


PARC Drift

PARC Drift – The 7D Takes Flight from Loren Haleston on Vimeo.

Love the camera work, there should be more videos like this.