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Random Pic: Spoon Sports Engine Bay

B16B goodness doused in Spoon Sports goodies, oh my.

Random Pic: Classic EK9

Love the Spoon shoes.

Mazda RX-8 with some Bling


Varis Kit for GVB STI

Varis comes through for the GVB STI, looks fresh, clean and aggressive all at the same time.
Hit the jump for more angles.

SXE10 Track Day – Altezzas Galore

Dominicans lucked out with all the JDM goodness that we don’t get here in the US.

More Wekfest Chicago Coverage

Wekfest Chicago 2011 from Unscene Media on Vimeo.

Very nice video. That blue NSX is arguably the best looking NSX I’ve ever seen.

Music from Jehst

Sit back and relax, don’t let Irene get to you too much. You can only do so much 😉
Another song after the jump.

Muscle Car Goodness

Now I can’t say I know much about muscle cars other than this one looks pretty good. If anyone wants to chime in on what specific model this is, please do so!
More pictures after the jump.

Motion Auto Show 2011

Canibeat just posted their coverage of the Motion Auto Show 2011. While I’m not into the VIP styling, it was good to see slammed cars WITHOUT ridiculous camber, it looks SOOOOO much better imo.

Wekfest Chicago


Digital Camo Evo 8

Crazy fresh and I love the digital camo, it’s a nice touch.

Random Pic: Rolling Shot of Subaru STI


Clean Civic Hatch on CCWs

Very clean indeed.

Random Pic: Type R Converted Civic Si

So very very fresh, I like that J’s Racing lip and rear bumper. This is definitely something that I would do if I had the newer generation Si.

The Insiders – Express Wave

Haven’t posted up music in a while, but this is what I’m playing right now as I let the relaxation flow.