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Kid Cudi – Heart of a Lion

“At the end of the day, my momma told me, “Don’t let no one break me.” At the end of the day, nobody ever could stop me.”

Some Euro Love

It’s all for the love.

Yashio Factory S15


Simple IS300



Just a small taste I know lol.

Felix in Japan

I’m going to Hong Kong soon but I definitely need to make my way to Japan at some point.

Random Pic: S2000

Seen at Eat Sleep Shift.

Cool S13 Drift Sequence


J’s Racing RSX

Take some notes Oscar 😉 lol.

Curren$y – Livin’

More Wekfest 2012

Red and Matte Black GTR

What a looker.

Ultimate Tuner Rotary Battle

Love it.

Sick Evo


Wekfest 2012 Video

Props to the guys at Carsxhype.

Matchless Crowd Racing R34


Menacing Z


Testing the new NGTC Honda Civic

It’s damned loud.

A little more on RWB

The man loves his fucking cars. I love his fucking cars, the finished product is a conglomeration of emotion.

A closer look at Mine’s epic GTR


Random Pic: R35


KA-TUN Porsche 964 Drifting

Mux Mool – Valley Girls

Good morning.

Comparison between the FR-S and BRZ

Check out the interesting read at Car and Driver. I guess the BRZ’s suspension is set up more for mild understeer while the FR-S is more like the classic Hachiroku we all know and love?