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Tamiya Auto Select R34


More FD Fire

Back side after the jump

Group K Touge Drifting in Japan

What is this Initial D? 😀

Spoon Sport’s Type One

Classy video for a classy shop!
Seen at SHG.

Outsiders Japan Movie by Driftworks

Interesting watch.

Japan Street Life

Wangan run with Chibakun

Jay Leno in Japan

I noticed the exact same thing in Hong Kong, every car that I saw is as clean and well kept as possible. 13 engines a day?!
Another video with more cars after the jump.

Feel’s FD2

Fascinating, love the aggressive purposefulness. ~300 hp is nothing to scoff at, especially mated with such a beautifully crafted chassis, stitch welding, bracing and all.

Felix in Japan

I’m going to Hong Kong soon but I definitely need to make my way to Japan at some point.

Gunsai Touge Tribute

These guys know how to drive and the cars are all lovely.


Tuner of Hondas, lives a few blocks down from both Spoon Sports and Feel’s…sick. It’s definitely also interesting to note that Spoon Sports helped this tuner come to life by supporting, setting examples and even literally sending customers over. Talk about supporting your industry!

Liberty Walk Part 2

Liberty Walk : The JDM Purist from Luke Huxham on Vimeo.

Great follow up to my last post. Let’s all just have fun!

HellaFlush Japan – Fatlace X iPhilms

HellaFlush Japan from iPhilms on Vimeo.

Random Pic: GTR Roaming Tokyo Streets

What I would do to be the one behind the wheel on that thing…

Fun Times in Japan

Some Australians take a trip to Hokkaido and do a bunch of seemingly random stuff. Hot cars scattered throughout which is what kept me going, it’s a pretty long video lol. Basically, I’m in love with Japanese car culture.

A little spoiler to the end of the vid, “It doesn’t really matter what kind of car you’ve got because ultimately, its all about the people you meet along the road.” I agree, and that can definitely be generalized to many other hobbies out there, thats part of what makes them fun sometimes.

On a more serious note, I’m keeping Japan in my prayers. I can’t even begin to imagine what thousands of Japanese families must be going through right now.