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Awesome FRS Build

These are my favorite kinds of builds, the incredible attention to detail is something I strive for in my life in general but definitely when it comes to cars lmao.


Tamiya Auto Select R34


Bulletproof FRS Concept One

Another Zest Racing FD3S


BMW E92 M3 on TE37SLs

Mother of God.

Varis in TAS 2014

From earlier this year. All their stuff is on point imo, even that Merc hatch looked cool as shit haha.

Evo and STI in Japan

Two beasts from the east!

OktoberFest by SoHonda Garage


Varis Widebody Evo X

You know I love Varis so I had to post this up. More after the jump.

Random Pic: Sexy Integra

This is how I like my Integras to look.

Karl Perez’s S2000

That is one sexy ass S2000.

J’s Racing S2000

Hit the jump for more pics.


Random Pic: Sexy NSX

Seen at RA64Freddy!

Clean White Evo X



Random Pic: 370Z

My favorite kit for the 370.

Lovely ITR


Random Pic: Black Subaru

Those magnesium blue TE37s are a perfect match.

Black Evo X


J’s Racing RSX

Take some notes Oscar 😉 lol.

Joseph’s Evo X


Ryan’s SiR

Video after the jump.

Loreto Garcia’s Civic

Featured Elite: Loreto Garcia’s “Darkside” Civic Hatchback from Brandon Mc. on Vimeo.

I gotta say it is one of the best looking hatches I’ve ever seen imo. Some of you may have seen it back when it was featured on Super Street.

Random Pic: Race ready Subaru

Thats a lump of gold.