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Happy Friday!

Chris Oliva’s 350Z

Battlemode 350Z trailer Chris Oliva from Carlos Williams on Vimeo.

This video makes me feel something, the combination of the music and slowed shots tickles me lol. I love cars man.

Hi-Tek – Music for Life

Such a classic and I couldn’t agree more with the lyrics. “When I’m stressed out, it’s my sanity.”

I Can’t Stop – Chiddy Bang

Loving the beat on this.

Turn Your Bass Up

Good music.

People Should Hear This

Lyrics that dig a little deeper than mainstream.

Hit the jump for a few more.

A Little of What Can Be Relaxation Music to Some

For those of you trying to kick back tonight, eat some good food, get work done, prepare for the weekend. The music might be too fast paced for some, but thats only if you concentrate on the wrong part of the music :P.

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Dominican Food

Poppin off on some of this food.
Fried Cheese
Fried cheese paired up with some poppin totones, look it up if you don’t know haha.

Band Aids

I didn’t forget about starting to wear my sneakers, just slow progress!
Band aids
Wore some band aids today, love em. Please excuse the carpet, it’ll get vacuumed don’t worry lol.

More Chill Music

Seems like I should just start using rainy days as designated days to post up some relaxing tunes lol.


Whose that chick?!?!

Wiz’s Newest Single-The Race

Ah, what can I say? More fire from the man.

Mac Miller-K.I.D.S.

Go get that! Just got it and am about a third of the way through and I was rather impressed to say the least. It’s rare that I get hooked on the album right from the intro and this mixtape did just that. I thought I was setting myself up for disappointment though but to my pleasant surprise the fire kept coming haha.

This is the song I’m up to, have liked all the songs up to this one and this one is chill too. I get hyped when I hear new artists that are like exactly what I like to here.

Rainy Sunday Morning

Woke up early, trying to get stuff ready for my little spring break trip to Ohio with Liz. While cleaning and packing, decided to take a break and take a few pictures. I love the rain, so calming and relaxing to me.
Just looking out.
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Aerotek-As She Walks Away From Me