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Civic Type R Prototype on the Nurburgring

Seems like the widebody look is even taking manufacturers by storm as we see here with Honda’s new prototype Type R, a 280 bhp beast that’s looking for sub 8 minute times at the Nurburgring.

OktoberFest by SoHonda Garage


Civic vs 350Z vs S2000 vs Impreza vs GTR

The S2000 and STI were very impressive.

Clean Integra


97′ Rev Speed

B series porn.

1996 Honda Integra Type R


Mugen RR Advanced Concept

Mugen took it to the next level, putting down a 1:04:9 time at Tsukuba Circuit.

FD2 Tuning

FD2 tuned by the likes of HKS, Seeker and Spoon Sports etc. Watch them get tested on the touge.
Round 2 after the jump.

Lovely ITR


Hot Version Vol. 106

The Arvou S2000 killed it. The J’s Racing Type R looked cool too.
Check out part 2 after the jump.

More Type R Racing

Maze circuit looks fun, someone needs to give me some cash and get me on the track!

Feel’s FD2

Fascinating, love the aggressive purposefulness. ~300 hp is nothing to scoff at, especially mated with such a beautifully crafted chassis, stitch welding, bracing and all.

Simple but Sexy Type S


Morgan Jade’s CTR

I need to get my ass to a track.

Random Pic: Spoon Sports FD2

Love the wheels.

RB Powered GC8


Random Pic: Feel’s Civic

Feels Civic

Spoon Sports and Type One

Talk about sexy, this customer must be one happy driver.

FN2 vs FD2

She can drive.

Random Pic: NSX Type R

Random Pic: Mouth watering hatch

Makes me want to consider trading my coupe for one, Luke if you keep up with my blog, I’m considering it lmao.

FDs Racing at Sugo International

The scream that Hondas make can’t easily be replicated. Seen at SoHonda.

Classic Championship White Integra R

So fresh.

Another Sexy Si turned Type R

Ah, Mugen and Honda just love to make sexy babies.