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Do-Luck R34 GTR


The Speed Syndicate’s Honda S2000

FourPlusOne – The Speed Syndicate’s Amuse S2000 from FourPlusOne inMotion on Vimeo.

Damn that S2000 is fresh. That Amuse kit is definitely a thing of beauty.

Glenn’s 2000 Civic SiR

FourPlusOne – Glenn’s 2000 Civic SiR from FourPlusOne inMotion on Vimeo.

FourPlusOne definitely needs to keep making these videos.

Red J’s Racing FD2


Subaru STI and Mitsubishi Evo X in Forza Motorsports 4

I just recently purchased the Fanatec GT2 wheel with clubsport pedals for GT5 and Forza 3 so you better believe I’m excited for Forza 4. I think the wheel and pedals feel noticeably better in GT5 so I’m really hoping Forza 4 is different. Might preorder the game from Amazon so I’ll be driving that Subaru soon enough 0:)

Insane Drifting in Norway

The 350Z at 2:28 is sick.

Random Pic: Pair of Subarus

Loving the XD-9s, the color of the car flows well with them.

Fujiwara Tofu Shop and it’s 86

Ah, Initial D, how you have affected us all, the car freaks that is…the car freaks who have watched it I guess. Now, I don’t really know what that sign says but it’d be perfect if it did say tofu shop haha. If anyone wants to confirm this, chime in!
Hit the jump for another shot.

Spoon Sports FN2

While on the subject of FN2s here’s Spoon Sports’ iteration.

2011 Mugen FN2 Civic Type R

The FN2’s last hurrah.

Random Pic: Fiat Punto

Rotiforms can make any car look classy and sexy. If I wanted to build up a euro car or want to go for that flush look, I would seriously consider this brand. I love the fact that they don’t only do lipped wheels.

Curren$y – Smoke Break (produced by The Alchemist)

Al has always been one of my favorite producers and I like this one too lol.

Sexy EP3 Civic

David McMaster’s Honda Civic from I Love Bass on Vimeo.

Love the car and good music too imo.

Harlem Meet

VRaceWorks Harlem Meet Part 1 from Henry Rojas on Vimeo.

I need to start going to these! All those Hondas look serious.

FR vs AWD Hot Version Battle

Orido’s Ridox Supra is one sexy beast.