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Ryan’s SiR

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Loreto Garcia’s Civic

Featured Elite: Loreto Garcia’s “Darkside” Civic Hatchback from Brandon Mc. on Vimeo.

I gotta say it is one of the best looking hatches I’ve ever seen imo. Some of you may have seen it back when it was featured on Super Street.

Blue on White 350Z

Diffusers, more often than not, look good. This is a perfect example.

The 311RS Project

Clean and stylish.

Spoon Sports FN2

While on the subject of FN2s here’s Spoon Sports’ iteration.

350Z with orange rims

Very nice fit.
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Garage G Force Evo: One of the fastest Evos at Tsukuba

57.963 seconds is no laughing matter. Not to mention its street registered and has been driven to track events.

Clean EP3 Civic

Love the Walker Japan lip.

White Toyota Celica

White Celica rear
For all the Celica lovers out there.

Proper Blue Evo X

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Random Pic: Varis Evo X

varis evo x 2
Never get tired of seeing Varis aero on anything.
Hit the jump for some pics of a random street parked Evo X in Varis attire.

Just Some Amazing Automotive Photography

Honda S2000 UPC Studio Sessions
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Beautiful Green Civic

While reading Super Street, I came across this:

I had come across a preview earlier which I posted about, nice to see the rest of the shoot. Those chrome TE-37s are very attractive and the suspension seems perfect. I don’t know why but I just can’t compare this kind of a set up with all that fat lip hella flush stuff. No hate though, I appreciate everything automotive.
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Another Fresh Mitsubishi Evo X

Bulletproof’s customers seem to know whats up and bulletproof seems to be executing these builds flawlessly.

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Canibeat’s East Coast Honda Meet 2011 Coverage

Wish I could have made it. Here are some of Canibeat’s pictures.


Canibeat’s 2011 Eibach Coverage

Here are just a few pics I picked out from their pictures. This S2000 I thought was just sick, loving the rims.
Eibach Meet
Few more shots after the jump and a link to the rest of Canibeat’s coverage.

Gold Plated Rims Anyone?

According to The Lowdown, the owner, who lives in Australia, wanted gold rims. Bulletproof just so happened to have a gold set of RE30s, which were supposed to be used for the filming of the Fast and the Furious but then got ditched last minuted. Thus, the lucky owner of this RX-7 had himself a sick set of 24k gold plated rims.
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I can’t get over this M3. The lines, the rims, the color, the carbon, oh my!
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One of My Dream Cars

Nissan S15
Nissan S15
Nissan S15
Nissan S15 on TE37 SLs and a Vertex kit. Again, the US doesn’t get this kind of beauty.