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More Type R Racing

Maze circuit looks fun, someone needs to give me some cash and get me on the track!

Simple but Sexy Type S


J’s Racing RSX

Take some notes Oscar 😉 lol.

Zack’s Supercharged K24

Boy do I love me some clean Hondas.

Two RSXs


Random Pic: Sexy RSX

No words necessary.

Random Pic: Acura RSX

RSX in Mugen Flavor

Hit the jump for a couple of more shots.

Random Pic: J’s Racing RSX

Of course I like this car lol.

Fresh Acura RSX

Still don’t know how to feel about faking that your rolling in a Type R but to each his own, the car may very well have a K20A. But regardless, that ass…
This picture is big enough to use as a wallpaper too.
Hit the jump for a frontal!

Random Pic: RSX on Regamasters

Such a classic wheel set up, wish I could afford it for my own car.

Just Some Amazing Automotive Photography

Honda S2000 UPC Studio Sessions
You MUST hit the jump for more excellent photography!

Import Alliance 2011

Here are a few pics from Canibeat’s coverage of Import Alliance.

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Honda Day 4/17/2011 Pictures Pt. 3

Honda Day

Honda Day 4/17/2011 Pictures Pt. 2

Some track love, these were among my favorite cars that I saw, and a big reason for that was that it wasn’t just another drag car. Not to mention that J’s Racing is a boss tuner and you don’t find many people rockin their parts state side.
Honda Day
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