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Arvou S2000 at Attack Maximum Challenge 2018


OktoberFest by SoHonda Garage


Mugen RR Advanced Concept

Mugen took it to the next level, putting down a 1:04:9 time at Tsukuba Circuit.

2013 Mugen RZ


Super Street Magazine visits Japan for TAS 2012

La Platik


Tracked but driven daily

Love the background.

One Low TSX

TS-EXY // Stance:Nation // Jay.Aye Photography from Jay Aye on Vimeo.

XD-9s can look good on anything.

Funky Integra

Don’t really know what to make of it but props on the uniqueness.

Lovely Yellow Integra


2011 Mugen FN2 Civic Type R

The FN2’s last hurrah.

Random Pic: Classic Yellow Integra

As far as I’m concerned this car is beautiful!
This is wallpaper sized too btw.

RSX in Mugen Flavor

Hit the jump for a couple of more shots.

Mugen Honda Civic Type RR vs S2000

Interesting, I guess the RR had the tighter package. I’m also upset that Honda keeps all the good stuff for themselves, we in the US only got one type R!

Just Some Amazing Automotive Photography

Honda S2000 UPC Studio Sessions
You MUST hit the jump for more excellent photography!