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Liberty Walk Cruise

Fuck the rest I’m looking at that GTR lol.

RWB in the Evening

Seen at NDF, talk about living the life, Nakai-san bleeds Porsche and Dunhills lol.

RWB in Thailand

Making of RWB Thailand 2 from TennXX on Vimeo.

RWB Porsche 964



Random Pic: Pandora One

Random Pic: Gorgeous

Stunning, get the wallpaper at Mayday Garage.

Rauh-Welt Gonzo Soukou

Check out Noriyaro for great coverage of a bunch of RWB Porsches at Tsukuba.

A little more on RWB

The man loves his fucking cars. I love his fucking cars, the finished product is a conglomeration of emotion.

RWB Montegobay 911


Yves Piaget


Idlers, The Motorsport Spirit

Fatlace TV x RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF : Idlers Documentary from Luke Huxham on Vimeo.

So epic, I agree with Nakai-san, the moment I’m behind a steering wheel, I’m free. If only I could push it as hard as he can…don’t have the means lol.

RWB Hoonigan Porsche 964

The 3rd iteration of RWB built Porsches for the US.

More RWB

Nakai-san is really putting himself out there, these are the first two RWB builds in Thailand, a 993 and 964. Can’t deny the level of detail he puts into his builds, much respect to the man. Love the idea of it being art, couldn’t be truer. Talk about stancing out cars too, both functional and beautiful. Look at his face when they take it for a spin, this man loves his cars and I do too!

RWB Number One Porsche 993 Carrera C2

RWB’s gone world wide lol, this one coming from Australia.

RWB Pandora One Porsches 911