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Spoon Sport’s Type One

Classy video for a classy shop!
Seen at SHG.

Hot Version Vol 114 Eps 1-3

Hit the jump for the other two.

OktoberFest by SoHonda Garage


Civic vs 350Z vs S2000 vs Impreza vs GTR

The S2000 and STI were very impressive.

A Whole Lot of VTEC

A bunch of Hondas at Tsukuba Circuit, glorious!
Seen at RA64Freddy!

Karl Perez’s S2000

That is one sexy ass S2000.

NDF Goes Back to Type One


1996 Honda Integra Type R


1994 Honda Civic CX


Touge Ready S2000


FD2 Tuning

FD2 tuned by the likes of HKS, Seeker and Spoon Sports etc. Watch them get tested on the touge.
Round 2 after the jump.

Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind | Level One from Backstage on Vimeo.

Lovely ITR


Tsukuba Circuit VTEC Battle

Love the staggered start for some reason lol, that C-West S2000 is bananas.

Random Pic: Spoon Sports S2000