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Spoon Sport’s Type One

Classy video for a classy shop!
Seen at SHG.

Hot Version Vol 114 Eps 1-3

Hit the jump for the other two.

OktoberFest by SoHonda Garage


Civic vs 350Z vs S2000 vs Impreza vs GTR

The S2000 and STI were very impressive.

A Whole Lot of VTEC

A bunch of Hondas at Tsukuba Circuit, glorious!
Seen at RA64Freddy!

Karl Perez’s S2000

That is one sexy ass S2000.

NDF Goes Back to Type One


1996 Honda Integra Type R


1994 Honda Civic CX


Touge Ready S2000


FD2 Tuning

FD2 tuned by the likes of HKS, Seeker and Spoon Sports etc. Watch them get tested on the touge.
Round 2 after the jump.

Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind | Level One from Backstage on Vimeo.

Lovely ITR


Tsukuba Circuit VTEC Battle

Love the staggered start for some reason lol, that C-West S2000 is bananas.

Random Pic: Spoon Sports S2000

Terence Wah’s S2000


Mine’s R35 vs Spoon Sports NSX-R GT

Hit the jump for the next two parts.

Spoon Sports S2000


Spoon Sports NSX-R GT at the Macau Grand Prix

They went to work on that NSX lol. Btw, Tatsuru Ichishima is a boss.

J’s Racing RSX

Take some notes Oscar 😉 lol.

Evasive Motorsports’ Open House


Touge 280 Class

Spoon Sports NSX-R

Beautiful sound.


Tuner of Hondas, lives a few blocks down from both Spoon Sports and Feel’s…sick. It’s definitely also interesting to note that Spoon Sports helped this tuner come to life by supporting, setting examples and even literally sending customers over. Talk about supporting your industry!