Touge Ready S2000

“Current Mods/Work Installed/Done on Car:
-J’s Racing Gradient Blue Titanium Countersunk Shiftknob
-Detailed, Door Dings and Random Imperfections Fixed, Paint Correction (Part 1)
-Trunk completely Gutted
-Spoon Monoblock 4-Pot Front Brake Calipers
-J’s Racing Front Strut Bar
-J’s Racing Engine Torque Damper
-SSR Type C White 17×8.5 +49 Wheels
-Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 255/40/17 Tires
-Rays Engineering/VOLK Black Duraluminum Lug Nuts
-J’s Racing SPL Front Pillow Tie Rod Ends/Anti-Bumpsteer Kit
-J’s Racing SPL Rear Pillow Control Arms/Anti-Bumpsteer Kit
-J’s Racing 10mm Driveshaft Spacer Kit
-J’s Racing Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud/Cooling Plate
-Moddiction Titanium Fasteners
-J’s Racing 70RR Full Titanium Headerback Exhaust
-J’s Racing SPL Header
-J’s Racing SPL Crux Monotube 50mm Coilovers w/ 16K Crux Springs
-J’s Racing Optional SPL Pillowball Mounts for Crux Coilovers
-J’s Racing Radiator Cap
-Craftsquare Carbon Fiber 1000RR GT Race Mirrors w/standard bases and lenses
-DBA 4000 Slotted Front and Rear Brake Rotors
-Hawk HPS Brake Pads
-Russell Stainless Steel Braided Coated Front and Rear Brake Lines
-J’s Racing SPL Valve Cover
-Spoon Resevoir Socks
-J’s Racing Rear Strut Bar
-Custom Fender Liners
-Fender Rolling/Pulling/Flaring
-NGK BKR8EIX Spark Plugs
-Motul 5w40 8100 Full Synthetic Motor Oil
-Motul Full Synthetic Gear Oil for Tranny and Diff
-Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid
-J’s Racing SPL 20mm Rear Roll Center Adjuster Kit
-Spoon Carbon Kevlar Racing Bucket Seats
-Mugen Seats Rails
-Takata Gel Shoulder Pads for Takata Harnesses (2 sets)
-OMP Velocita Superleggero Steering Wheel in Black Suede
-Works Bell Steering Wheel Hub
-Sparco 50mm Steering Wheel Spacer
-Top Secret Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser w/optional Carbon Fiber Vortex Generators (generators removed ATM)
-Takata 4 Point Race Harnesses for Driver and Passenger
-Takata 5 Point Conversion Crotch Strap for Driver and Passenger
-Cusco 6 Point Chromoly Roll Cage (Powdercoated Cage and Hardware Satin Black)
-Custom Ballistic Motorsports Harness Bar Welded/Powdercoated to Cusco 6 Point Cage
-Greddy/Trust Emanage Ultimate w/Boomslang PnP Harness (Custom Giles Tune 240whp)
-J’s Racing Carbon Fiber Tsuchinoko Intake System
-J’s Racing SPL L1 Front Camber Joints
-J’s Racing Front Roll Center Adjuster Plates for L1 Camber Joints
-J’s Racing Type V CFRP/CFRP Hood
-Challenge GTMotoring Dry Carbon Single Exhaust Cap
-J’s Racing 4.77 Final Drive (Gears)
-Race Alignment by Synergy Auto Lab (Jay)
-J’s Racing Gold Oil Cap
-J’s Racing/ASM Dry Carbon Fiber Trunk (Professionally Clearcoated)
-J’s Racing Front Half Lip for OEM AP1 Front Bumper
-J’s Racing Dry Carbon Fiber Race Canards for Front Half Lip (Professionally Clearcoated)
-Robbie Harper Titanium 275mm GT Wing Risers
-J’s Racing Yellow Front Tow Hook
-J’s Racing Dry Carbon Fiber Type 1 3D GT 1600mm Wing”

Seen at SoHonda Garage, the car’s apparently for sale too just 😉 lol.

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