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Sneakerness Cologne 2011

SNEAKERNESS Köln 2011 from Sneaker Freaker Germany on Vimeo.

I remember the days when I could’ve seen myself being at one of these types of events (obviously in the US). Got so many brand new sneakers stacked up that I haven’t seen in years, crazy.

Sic Club Meet 2011 in China

I have never seen this many exotics/supercars all in one place at the same time.

See a few more pictures, a video and a link to the rest of the pictures after the jump.

Stance Wars 3 Trailer

That silver Subaru on works looks sexy.

Pair of Subaru’s Tearing Up an Air Force Base

How many of you can relate to these lyrics?

Such a good song, crazy. Not usually that into music videos but this one makes you feel like your smacked while you’re seeing it, deep thinking haha.

End of the Month JDMST Meet

Lots of sick cars every time I see their end of the month meets. Wish I had something similar around my way. Maybe I just don’t know about it yet?

Toyota LFA-Nurburgring Package

Just saw this over at Super Street, 50 lucky owners will get their hands on the Nurburgring LFA. Gets a slight power bump and increased downforce so speed is the same but it definitely looks sick.

I Can’t Stop – Chiddy Bang

Loving the beat on this.

Fresh Honda Hatch

Honda Civic
This Honda will be featured in Super Street’s newest issue, one of the best looking hatches I’ve seen in a long time.

The Honda Game in Puerto Rico

Nice video.

J’s Racing Civic Type R

I can’t ever get enough of these japanese tuner shops. Here’s one of J’s Racing’s FD2s.
J's Racing FD2
Hit the jump for more pics.

Spoon Sports US

Hit the jump for two more videos!!

Bisimoto 724 whp 1.6L Honda Wagon

Epic. Who would’ve thought you could get that much power out of 1.6 liters and still be able to drive it around.

ASM S2000 – Insane NA Lap Around Tsukuba

I don’t know what has gotten into me lately with these S2000s, but any-who that is one bad ass car and driver. 58 seconds at Tsukuba is insanity. Out of curiosity I got in my NA S2000, in Forza 3 lmao, and tried to come as close as possible. I was able to pull a 1:00 lap time and I thought I was going pretty fast so I can’t even imagine 58.

Spoon Sports and one of their S2000s

Such a sick car, hit the jump for upclose pics of one of their S2000s in the Spoon Garage.

Another Fresh Subaru Sti

One more picture after the jump.

Canibeat’s 2011 Eibach Coverage

Here are just a few pics I picked out from their pictures. This S2000 I thought was just sick, loving the rims.
Eibach Meet
Few more shots after the jump and a link to the rest of Canibeat’s coverage.

Curren$y – #JetsGo Music Video

I like his car references, I appreciate anyone who loves cars in any way shape or form.

Japanese Autosport Festival 2011 in Netherlands

Japanse Autosport Festival 2011 Compilation from Seifer Chimera on Vimeo.

Looks like a fun time.

Big Guys Can Ride Bikes Too

Leandro Gardos – Welcome to CARDINAL BIKES !! from CARDINAL BIKES on Vimeo.

Beast. Representing for the bigger folk, you don’t have to be a scrawny kid in skin tight clothing to bust crazy shit on a bike, skateboard or rollerblades.

Dutch Time Attack 2011

Battle of the fastest, Dutch Time Attack Assen 2011 from Remi Schouten on Vimeo.

So many sick cars, can’t wait to get enough money for track days haha.

JDM Face-Off Time Attack in Sweden

JDM Face-Off Time Attack 2010 @ Mantorp Park from Superior Media on Vimeo.

Tomei/Cusco/Voltex Subaru WRX Time Attack

The beast in action during the WTAC in 2010.

Formula Drift 240SX

These formula drift cars always get me with their crazy colors haha.