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VTEC Reunion Battle

So many sick Hondas.

Team Turbo vs Team NA at Tsukuba

I never get tired of these Hot Version videos! That HKS GTR is a beauty but the Mine’s GTR is just so well rounded it’s ridiculous. Love the little drift show at the end too haha.

VTEC Battle at Tsukuba

From Hot Version vol. 99. That S2000 and NSX are pretty lol.

TRD Altezza vs Nismo 350Z at Tsukuba

I don’t know why the Altezza/IS300 isn’t given as much love as other cars, they can pack a punch too.

1:03 Lap Time at Tsukuba, Spoon EK9

That is quite the serious little Civic.

ASM S2000 – Insane NA Lap Around Tsukuba

I don’t know what has gotten into me lately with these S2000s, but any-who that is one bad ass car and driver. 58 seconds at Tsukuba is insanity. Out of curiosity I got in my NA S2000, in Forza 3 lmao, and tried to come as close as possible. I was able to pull a 1:00 lap time and I thought I was going pretty fast so I can’t even imagine 58.

Spoon Sports and one of their S2000s

Such a sick car, hit the jump for upclose pics of one of their S2000s in the Spoon Garage.