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Arvou S2000 at Attack Maximum Challenge 2018


Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind | Level One from Backstage on Vimeo.

Vyet’s Honda S2000


Random Pic: Kitted Honda S2000

ASM, J’s Racing and Spoon Sports hodgepodge. Combo looks good though.

FourPlusOne – James’ ASM S2000

FourPlusOne – James’s ASM S2000 from FourPlusOne inMotion on Vimeo.

That is a sexy S2000, wish the video would have included an exhaust note here and there.

ASM S2000 – Insane NA Lap Around Tsukuba

I don’t know what has gotten into me lately with these S2000s, but any-who that is one bad ass car and driver. 58 seconds at Tsukuba is insanity. Out of curiosity I got in my NA S2000, in Forza 3 lmao, and tried to come as close as possible. I was able to pull a 1:00 lap time and I thought I was going pretty fast so I can’t even imagine 58.