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GTR and GS300 at the Track

ISG Track Shoot – GTR & GS300 – 2011 from studio mountain on Vimeo.

Damn that R35, so sick.

FA5 Honda Civic Si

Vitamin B’s Si from T. Bantolina // Majik 808 on Vimeo.


JDMST and Lowdown Meet

JDMST & from ktith on Vimeo.

Lots of sick cars, so wish the US had gotten the older skylines.

Really Fresh Mugen Integra

Videography is real nice.

Civic Type R vs Toyota AE86

Two legendary compacts.

Touge Heroes Remixed

Touge Heroes – ReMiXeD from Touge Heroes on Vimeo.


Honda Day

Might be going to Honda Day this weekend, not 100% sure as I am a busy man with school and all lol. Looking forward to snapping some pics if do go though.

Ridiculous BMX Riding

I was definitely blown away while watching this, 360 tailwhip from a hop into a bank? 360 barspin to smith? Smith to switch smith? Half of what he did made almost no sense to me.
Hit the jump for another crazy vid from him.

Illtech’s R35 GTR

A cool slick black one lol. Those first 6 seconds are music to my ears.

S2000 vs Mitsubishi EVO WRC 05 and More

Definitely an interesting match up.That S2000 is just so pretty and the handling is just insane.
Check out a few more videos after the jump.

Beastly Riding

CRAIG PASSERO/T.I.Y.B.O.L. MIXTAPE from Lotek on Vimeo.

I remember when this guy first started putting out videos. He has gone insane lol. Definitely excited about riding my bike again this spring/summer, not that I’m going to be doing anything even remotely as cool as this guy, but I’ll be having fun haha.

Mutiny Bikes in Texas

Dallas/Fort Worth TX from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Beautiful edit, Joe Simon really does a great job of making his edits gracefully pretty.


Whose that chick?!?!

How Headers Work

Definitely an interesting video. I actually didn’t know how exactly headers worked but I did know there was some science to their shape, besides just looking beautiful.

Touge Drift

Another cool vid from drag times. Love the S15.