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Fresh Black Civic Hatch

Another fresh hatch, what more needs to be said? Those mugens are sick, thats what.
A few more pics after the jump.

Insane Varis Kitted Subaru

Somebody please give me money for a monster like this! Varis makes such sexy kits.
More pictures and link to specs after the jump.

Blox Open House Earlier This Year

Honda loving at Blox Open House. I would never purchase a Blox part, but there were some nice cars there.
Check the coverage at CanIBeat

Newest Pick Ups for the Collection

Not exactly car parts, but whatevs.
Barfs and Shanghai 2s
Hit the jump for more pictures and sneaker talk for all that care haha.

Bakerz FMP Meet 2011

Just found some pics up on B20Vtec, props to lennyvp. Some stand outs that I liked:

Props to the man that rides BMX.
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Canibeat’s East Coast Honda Meet 2011 Coverage

Wish I could have made it. Here are some of Canibeat’s pictures.


Sic Club Meet 2011 in China

I have never seen this many exotics/supercars all in one place at the same time.

See a few more pictures, a video and a link to the rest of the pictures after the jump.

Canibeat’s 2011 Eibach Coverage

Here are just a few pics I picked out from their pictures. This S2000 I thought was just sick, loving the rims.
Eibach Meet
Few more shots after the jump and a link to the rest of Canibeat’s coverage.

Gold Plated Rims Anyone?

According to The Lowdown, the owner, who lives in Australia, wanted gold rims. Bulletproof just so happened to have a gold set of RE30s, which were supposed to be used for the filming of the Fast and the Furious but then got ditched last minuted. Thus, the lucky owner of this RX-7 had himself a sick set of 24k gold plated rims.
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Chase Dehart Dan’s Comp Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Chase Dehart
Still one of the smoothest street riders out.

Trio of Fresh EG Civics

These civics do look nice. I think the EG is still the prettiest looking hatch to come from Honda.
A few more shots after the jump

Integra Type R and Civic Type R

Definitely a beautiful pair of cars, just read the feature over at Honda Tuning Magazine.
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Clean R34 Skyline

What dreams are made of…


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Wekfest III in Cali

Wekfest III was this past Monday, here’s some of my favorite pics courtesy of Canibeat
Wekfest III
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A little something on relaxation

Lately I’ve been in an all out search for anything I can do to make stress just a little easier to handle. I don’t know why, but the closer I get to graduation the higher my stress and anxiety levels seem to get. I do have a few ideas for why this may be: click here to read the rest