Newest Pick Ups for the Collection

Not exactly car parts, but whatevs.
Barfs and Shanghai 2s
Hit the jump for more pictures and sneaker talk for all that care haha.

Nike Sb Barfs
Shanghai 2s
I still got love for my SB dunks. On the other hand, I’m slowly getting rid of my jordans.
Check my for sale thread on NikeTalk for all your NTers out there.
Trying to unload these babies:
Raging Bull 5s
Raging Bull 5s
Raging Bull 5s
The goal being to get rid of most of my Jordans and finish getting all the SBs that I ever wanted 0:)
Don’t think I forgot about wearing all my shoes and posting them up as I wear them, it’s just that, well…I never got around to wearing them. Ironic isn’t it? Not that all four of you really cared lol.

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