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OktoberFest by SoHonda Garage


Clean Integra


Random Pic: Sexy Integra

This is how I like my Integras to look.

97′ Rev Speed

B series porn.

1996 Honda Integra Type R


Lovely ITR


More Type R Racing

Maze circuit looks fun, someone needs to give me some cash and get me on the track!

Simple but Sexy Type S


FF Squad “A Day in the Life Of…”

What it’s all about.

J’s Racing RSX

Take some notes Oscar 😉 lol.

Another Fresh Integra

So clean and I’m in love with the nice wheel set up.

525 whp/370 lb-ft Integra GSR


Zack’s Supercharged K24

Boy do I love me some clean Hondas.

Spoon Sports and Type One

Talk about sexy, this customer must be one happy driver.

Tracked but driven daily

Love the background.