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Merry Christmas to all!

Nice representative pic haha.

Two RSXs


Jay’s Integra

Clean is the word here.

Classic Championship White Integra R

So fresh.

Funky Integra

Don’t really know what to make of it but props on the uniqueness.

Another Cool Yellow Integra

JDM goodness, except the roof rack because of what will follow after the jump.

Lovely Yellow Integra


Random Pic: Acura RSX

Random Pic: Tracked Integra

Very nice.

White Integra on Works

Always had love for those wheels.
Check a vid of it after the jump.

Seeker Honda Integra

Clean and fierce.

Random Pic: Classic Yellow Integra

As far as I’m concerned this car is beautiful!
This is wallpaper sized too btw.

RSX in Mugen Flavor

Hit the jump for a couple of more shots.

Random Pic: J’s Racing RSX

Of course I like this car lol.

Fresh Acura RSX

Still don’t know how to feel about faking that your rolling in a Type R but to each his own, the car may very well have a K20A. But regardless, that ass…
This picture is big enough to use as a wallpaper too.
Hit the jump for a frontal!