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Jeremy Clarkson Meets Keiichi Tsuchiya


Random Pic: Sleek S15

Street Ready S15


Yashio Factory S15


Random Pic: Drift Works 2JZ powered S15

Garage-D plays no games, it makes 666 bhp *evil laugh*.

Colter Morgan’s 240SX

Love that set up.

Japanese Street Drifting

Skill. Reminds me of this guy.

RB powered S13

Super clean outside.

Red Tomei Powered S15

Specs and more after the jump.

Tuned Z Face Off

Tuning Festa 2011

One of my all time favorite cars.

How big is your wing?

Mean looking S15.

Team Turbo vs Team NA at Tsukuba

I never get tired of these Hot Version videos! That HKS GTR is a beauty but the Mine’s GTR is just so well rounded it’s ridiculous. Love the little drift show at the end too haha.

The Odyvia

An Odyssey front end on an S13, crazy right? But it looks oh so good.

This S15 Means Business

Love seeing these kinds of purpose-in-mind builds. This S15 looks like a serious track machine.
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