The Kimidori S2000

There seems to be at least one privateer in every class of time attack that is always looming just behind the top teams record times. They typically don’t have the resources afforded to them from owning a shop, and usually rely on the knowledge of a particular ‘support’ shop to assist them in getting their […]

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Z1 Motorsports Nissan 370Z with Tomei Exhaust

Nice sound.

Advance NSX


For Love of Scaled Models #3: R33 GTR x BBS LM


I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with the details and customization on scaled models these days. You can literally build any car down to scale and have the parts and stance to go with it…… and that’s fucking awesome.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

This 1/18 scaled R33 is as bad ass as they come; rocking some re barreled LMs and a killer fitment…who knew model cars can look this good!

 photo g3_zpsgfbwryxv.png

 photo g5_zpspyzu642y.png

 photo g6_zpscaifzq2a.png

 photo g4_zpsuexiou5l.png

 photo g1_zpsgcocezon.png

 photo g2_zpsqncrrtpp.png

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R32 Anyone?

STI NBR 2014 NBR Challenge World Premiere Movie

Loved this vid, wish the new STI wasn’t so similar looking to the FD Civic or CZ Evo but it definitely sounds sick and I’m sure the handling is going to be bananas.

Graham Hancock speaks on the War on Consciousness

A friend showed me this, and I was impressed, what do you think? I personally think there’s validity in his arguments.
Apparently TED took this down at some point, I wonder what motivated that decision.

Mac Miller ft. Earl Sweatshirt – I’m Not Real

Nike Dunk Low Pro SP Chocolates Sz 10 FS

Check em out here, if interested!

Air Jordan IV Black Rare Air Lasers Sz 10 FS

New listing, check it out if interested here.

OG Fire Red Vs

Check the eBay listing here. Clearing out some of my collection :/

Sneaker Consignment

Consignment with craze191st

OG Air Jordan Steel Grey Xs

Check ’em out on eBay, if you want them 0:)

Impreza at Tsukuba



New Forums

I thought I’d open up a forum for those who care a little more for their car than the average person. From those who love keeping their cars shiny to those who are more concerned with the speed their stallions can produce, we together can surely build a positive community brings more strength to our metal love affairs. I hope, with the help from you viewers (all seven of you!), to build a friendly educated community that’s first and foremost willing to listen to each other and help each other out. The last thing I want is a haven of ignorance,  I want to keep pushing and growing the car community in a positive way!
Check it out here. I’m not all that computer savvy so it’s ugly as can be but any help is always appreciated.