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Pandem kitted RX-8


Bulletproof Evo X


Advance NSX


Liberty Walk Performance Murcielago


Rocket Bunny FR-S


J’s Racing goes HAM

That’s an amazing S2000. Check out Speedhunters Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown coverage for other sick whips.

Powerhouse Amuse S2000 GT1

One of the sexiest S2000 builds. Makes me want to got on GT5 right now and drive it haha.

HKS R34 Driving Performer

Some of you may remember this from the Team Turbo vs Team NA Hot Version race. The car most definitely delivers.

Spoon Sports Headquarters

For all of you who missed this on Speedhunters, I just randomly digged it up again. That is one shop you can never get tired of. Definitely super clean and just looks like things are being done right. Wish they had a satellite center here in the US. Here, if I go to a shop to put on a coilover set up, they wouldn’t do so much as to align the damn thing. At Spoon they’ll align it, weight balance it and tune it for whatever it is that you are trying to do with the car, something I would love to have done to my car no matter what part I’m putting on.
Read the rest of the post here. It’s definitely a good read for those who are obsessive of detail, like me (at least with my cars and sneakers).
I need to get me some money, maybe I’ll just ship my car over and have them ship it back when they’re all done lol.
In case you haven’t yet noticed, I wouldn’t love Honda as much as I do if it wasn’t for tuners like this (and others like J’s Racing).