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Finished Product


Random Pic: Spoon Sports S2000

Ab-Soul – Pineal Gland

Random Pic: Blacked Out Subie

It’s wallpaper sized too!

Simple but Sexy Type S


The 24 Hours of Nurburgring

That LFA…

Audi R8 LMS Testing


J’s Racing goes HAM

That’s an amazing S2000. Check out Speedhunters Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown coverage for other sick whips.

Completed Varis Widebody for the GRB

At the Hyper Meeting

Happy Friday!

Street Going BenSopra GTR


Mini LFA by DAMD

A cute version of the LFA lol.
Seen at The Real JDM.

Random Pic: NSX

Varis GRB


Team WRT’s Audi R8 LMS

Ken Gushi and the FR-S

600 hp monster.

April Alpinestars Forza Car Pack

Will definitely be driving the shit out of that Mercedes.

Paul Stamets on Mushrooms

When he was younger, he cared about the Psilocybin mushrooms. Now he’s older and has come up with 6 ways to save the world, still using mushrooms, check it out after the jump.

Random Pic: Jon Sibal’s Challenger

Can’t get over how good it looks and I don’t usually like American cars.

Varis GRB Wide Body Coming Along

This looks so sexy, can’t wait to order it for mine!!
Hit the jump for another angle.

HKS S2000 Supercharger

Looks nice.
Seen at The Real JDM

Cult “Talk is Cheap” Promo

I remember the days…I should get off my ass.

That’s a lot of gum


Bad Ass Miata