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Motorhead – Heart vs Head


HKS GT Supercharger for the Honda S2000

Check the supercharged Arvou S2000 pushing 400 hp on the touge.

Top Secret GTR


Hot Version Vol. 125 Trailer

Hot Version R35 Battle

The test drives..

The battle…

The Esprit was damned fast.


HKS 86


HKS 86 Tuning

HKS Evo X at Tsukuba Circuit Exhibition Race

Damn that thing is fast!

Sun Line Racing Skyline

Such a beautiful car, especially with that Nismo Z-Tune aero.

FD2 Tuning

FD2 tuned by the likes of HKS, Seeker and Spoon Sports etc. Watch them get tested on the touge.
Round 2 after the jump.

HKS S2000 Supercharger

Looks nice.
Seen at The Real JDM

Terence Wah’s S2000


HKS R34 Driving Performer

Some of you may remember this from the Team Turbo vs Team NA Hot Version race. The car most definitely delivers.

HKS 86 at Tsukuba

Not bad.

Esprit HKS R35 vs Esprit Trust R35 vs FamSpeed FD3s vs MCR R34

Nice battle.