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Crazy Toyota GT 86 Commercial

They’ll never understand!

HKS 86 at Tsukuba

Not bad.

Comparison between the FR-S and BRZ

Check out the interesting read at Car and Driver. I guess the BRZ’s suspension is set up more for mild understeer while the FR-S is more like the classic Hachiroku we all know and love?

Pair of 86s

Orido and Taniguchi show off what the 86 is capable of.

TRD 86

A good looking machine.
Lip kit, big brake upgrade among other things…


HKS plays hard. Video after the jump.

600 hp Scion FRS for Formula D

Amazing car, hit the jump for more wallpaper sized pics and a video.

The New 86 is looking sexier and sexier

Here it is with a simple lip kit. Hit the jump for other kits that are already popping up.

Pure Handling Delight

I think I love this car haha.

Drifting the FR-S

This definitely looks like it would be a fun car to drive.