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Sensual Time Attack GC8 and GRB


Varis Aero for the 2015 VA Subaru STI

Love their work as always. That euro style wing looks good on almost anything lol.

2015 Subaru STI – The Experts React

STI NBR 2014 NBR Challenge World Premiere Movie

Loved this vid, wish the new STI wasn’t so similar looking to the FD Civic or CZ Evo but it definitely sounds sick and I’m sure the handling is going to be bananas.


C-Ser Urban Titanium Exhaust

Introducing the 2015 Subaru WRX

Evo and STI in Japan

Two beasts from the east!

Subaru Impreza S206

More pics after the jump!

Subaru STI Drifting

Pretty cool.


Original Runduce Subaru


Battle of the Green Monsters!

I was rooting for you Okachan, maybe next time!

Hot Version Vol 92

Love this one!

460 hp Subaru STI


The inspiration!


Random Pic: A GRB

C-SER Subaru GRB

Now with the new bumper styling. Another angle after the jump.

Super Taikyu GVB Shakedown

Arai Motorsport’s GVB getting fine tuned for Super Taikyu endurance races.

Forged Performance at Road Atlanta

All three cars are sick.



Finished Product


Completed Varis Widebody for the GRB

At the Hyper Meeting

Varis GRB


Varis GRB Wide Body Coming Along

This looks so sexy, can’t wait to order it for mine!!
Hit the jump for another angle.

Time Attack GC8