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Max Class Touge

Watch the rest of the parts after the jump.

531 whp, 391 tq

That’s a fast fucking civic.

Pikes Peak Hill Climb

I’m sure that guy was in another world for those 10 minutes.

Subaru WRX STI at the Nurburgring

Legendary track, legendary car. I’m really starting to dig Subarus, never been a super crazy fan of them but they sound sick and look pretty aggressive. I’ve always loved EVOs and my brother (RIP) has always been into the Subarus, maybe he’s telling me something through the celestial.

Illtech’s R35 GTR

A cool slick black one lol. Those first 6 seconds are music to my ears.

Clever Subaru WRX

Clever WRX
Mitsuwat? The competition between the two groups is funny. They’re both sick cars and I’ve just recently started looking at Subaru’s more often. I have a passion for EVOs but I’ve actually always loved that unique exhaust note that Subaru’s have. So wish I could just collect cars lol.

Air Jordan XII

Air Jordan Retro XIIs
Threw some jordans on today.

S2000 vs Mitsubishi EVO WRC 05 and More

Definitely an interesting match up.That S2000 is just so pretty and the handling is just insane.
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Cats are growin up!

Pumpkin as a teenager.
Pumpkin back when he was a toddler, after the jump.

Dominican Food

Poppin off on some of this food.
Fried Cheese
Fried cheese paired up with some poppin totones, look it up if you don’t know haha.

Band Aids

I didn’t forget about starting to wear my sneakers, just slow progress!
Band aids
Wore some band aids today, love em. Please excuse the carpet, it’ll get vacuumed don’t worry lol.

J’s Racing

Quite possibly one of my favorite JDM tuner shops. Why? Because they build beautiful cars!! Duh!
Make the jump for some of their sick builds.

More Chill Music

Seems like I should just start using rainy days as designated days to post up some relaxing tunes lol.

Beastly Riding

CRAIG PASSERO/T.I.Y.B.O.L. MIXTAPE from Lotek on Vimeo.

I remember when this guy first started putting out videos. He has gone insane lol. Definitely excited about riding my bike again this spring/summer, not that I’m going to be doing anything even remotely as cool as this guy, but I’ll be having fun haha.

Trio of Fresh EG Civics

These civics do look nice. I think the EG is still the prettiest looking hatch to come from Honda.
A few more shots after the jump