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More Cats

Aww. Most days are feeling like this, which is good.

Nap Time

Hit the jump for more pictures 🙂

My Couch

Where I sit down and relax after a long day, which is seemingly everyday for me *sigh*.

Cats are growin up!

Pumpkin as a teenager.
Pumpkin back when he was a toddler, after the jump.

Band Aids

I didn’t forget about starting to wear my sneakers, just slow progress!
Band aids
Wore some band aids today, love em. Please excuse the carpet, it’ll get vacuumed don’t worry lol.

Slept good last night

Slept good last night 🙂


Wish I was a cat lol

They just knock out where ever they feel like.
Sleepy Cats
One more picture after the jump

Quote from Albert Schweitzer

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”
-Albert Schweitzer

Got this one from my girlfriend. It couldn’t be any more true for the both of us right now. I’m here listening to music 24/7 and after a long day’s work, the kitties just make me light up again haha.

Spice with his cone

Poor Spice, we ended up having to put a cone on him, he was biting his stitches. He had a testicle that didn’t descend so they had to go into his abdomen to get it out. He’s doing alright though.

Got the cats back

Their both walking around as if they’re drunk and Spice is like knocked out (they had to go into his abdomen since one of his testicles hadn’t dropped for some reason). Hope they feel better soon.

Our Kitties Are Getting Neutered

Getting them ready to go get neutered, me and my babe are super nervous! Hope it happens without a hitch. 😦

Spice on the Window

Spice in the Window
I’ve seen them stare out the window for quite some time without looking away. It gets kind of funny.
Spice in the Window
One of their favorite chill spots. Don’t like it when they bend up the blinds though. Other than that I’m cool with it. Always see them staring out when I get home, as if they were waiting for me the whole time lol. They probably weren’t but its nice to think they were. They’re supposed to be getting neutered this Friday, which has me super nervous :(.

Me and my GFs Cute Kitties

Their always together! Their about four months old and came from the same litter, we had to adopt them together, didn’t want to split them up.
Just snapped these pics while they were sleeping on the couch.