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Bulletproof Evo X


Varis Evo X ’17 Ver.Ultimate


New Evo fire from the masters at Varis.

Evo vs GTR Touge Battle

Varis Widebody Evo X

You know I love Varis so I had to post this up. More after the jump.

Hot Version Vol 92

Love this one!

Varis at TAS 2013

Second part after the jump.

Varis 2013

Amazing cars, fast and they look good.

Random Pic: G-Force Garage Evo X

From the most recent Tsukuba Super Lap Battle, now sporting the beautiful Varis widebody *drools*

Dytko Sport Evo X

No games with this one.

HKS Evo X at Tsukuba Circuit Exhibition Race

Damn that thing is fast!

Black Evo X


Red Evo in Runduce Attire

Random Pic: Mike’s Varis Evo

Joseph’s Evo X


Evasive Motorsports’ Open House


Runduce’s GRB and CZ4A


Cusco Evo X

So nimble, I think I want some of their coilovers lol.

2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

Check out Jon Sibal‘s great coverage with over 300 pics.

Varis is ready for TAS 2012

Sick stuff.
Check the widebody Evo after the jump.

A look at Evasive Motorsports

Can I haz more shops like this? Focusing in balance, not horsepower.

Jesse’s Evo X

No wing ftw.

Porson’s Evo X

So good.

Vasquez’s Evo X

Simple and to the point freshness.

Random Pic: Beautiful Evo X

Just perfect.