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Have Fun With BMW, Assist E92 M3

What the Japanese do to their BMWs, I like!

Voltex Kitted S2000


A Whole Lot of VTEC

A bunch of Hondas at Tsukuba Circuit, glorious!
Seen at RA64Freddy!

J’s Racing S2000

Hit the jump for more pics.


J’s Racing Type GT S2000


Random Pic: J’s Racing Crew

Seen at RA64Freddy

J’s Racing S2000

So responsive! Love the pedal work too!

Touge Ready S2000


FD2 Tuning

FD2 tuned by the likes of HKS, Seeker and Spoon Sports etc. Watch them get tested on the touge.
Round 2 after the jump.

Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind | Level One from Backstage on Vimeo.

Lovely ITR


J’s Racing goes HAM

That’s an amazing S2000. Check out Speedhunters Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown coverage for other sick whips.

J’s Racing Honda Fit

The little engine that could.

Random Pic: Green S2000

J’s Racing goodness.

Terence Wah’s S2000


J’s Racing RSX

Take some notes Oscar 😉 lol.

Touge 280 Class

Arvou S2000 vs J’s Racing S2000 vs RE Amemiya FD

These touge battles really show off the tuning houses’ abilities.

Vyet’s Honda S2000


J’s Racing Civic RR


Chris’ Honda S2000

You can’t go wrong with J’s Racing and Spoon Sports on your S2000.

Two Sexy Hondas

Amazing quality.

Red J’s Racing FD2


Random Pic: Kitted Honda S2000

ASM, J’s Racing and Spoon Sports hodgepodge. Combo looks good though.