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Hot Version The Muscle Drift Parts 1, 2 and 3 Vol. 111

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S15 on Professors


Hot Version Vol. 111 – Touge Championship 2011

I love the MCR GTR but it made me feel warm inside when the C-SER GRB won 0:). You could tell Okachan was happy, and a valiant effort it was in trying to dethrone the FD (funny coincidence that they’re both super bright green). But, may he make more parts for all the GRBs out there!


Random Pic: Sleek S15

3 Sexy Sylvias

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Street Ready S15


Yashio Factory S15


Cool S13 Drift Sequence


Random Pic: Drift Works 2JZ powered S15

Garage-D plays no games, it makes 666 bhp *evil laugh*.

Red Tomei Powered S15

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Tuned Z Face Off

How big is your wing?

Mean looking S15.

Blue Nissan S15

What a beautiful pair haha.

Touge Max Class Round 2

I love Orido’s Ridox Supra, it’s certainly a daily driver I would love to have.
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Team Turbo vs Team NA at Tsukuba

I never get tired of these Hot Version videos! That HKS GTR is a beauty but the Mine’s GTR is just so well rounded it’s ridiculous. Love the little drift show at the end too haha.

This S15 Means Business

Love seeing these kinds of purpose-in-mind builds. This S15 looks like a serious track machine.
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Scorch Racing S15’s Fastest Lap, WTAC 2011

Edit: Took me a while to figure out I posted the wrong video! Oops.

Tomohiko Suzuki’s Nissan S15 Silvia

A privateer whose passion shines on the track. Look forward to this beast tearing it up in the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge this coming August 4th and 5th at Eastern Creek, Sydney, Australia
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Blacked Out Nissan S15

I’d rather drive something like this if I was Batman. Hit the jump for more pictures.

Hachiroku vs R35 GTR on the Togue

That first part of the video was pretty funny, definitely reminded me of Initial D.

Hot Version Inline 6 Shoot Out

That Mine’s R34 is just insane! Not that the Amuse Supra isn’t a beast as well. Later on in the video they have a race with a bunch of cars that have been shamefully discontinued and Orido’s Ridox Supra is another car in the video that really caught my attention, can be daily driven but still a beast at the track.
PS It’s a shame that Best Motoring and Hot Version have also been discontinued 😦

Max Class Touge

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Touge Drift

Another cool vid from drag times. Love the S15.

One of My Dream Cars

Nissan S15
Nissan S15
Nissan S15
Nissan S15 on TE37 SLs and a Vertex kit. Again, the US doesn’t get this kind of beauty.