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Hot Version The Muscle Drift Parts 1, 2 and 3 Vol. 111

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Fucking amazing.

3 Sexy Sylvias

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Sexy 180SX


Touge Max Class Round 2

I love Orido’s Ridox Supra, it’s certainly a daily driver I would love to have.
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Purple Nissan 240SX

UNDFTD // Jay.Aye Photography from Jay Aye on Vimeo.

Love those Works. When I first read the title of the video, I almost thought the urban clothing brand UNDFTD had collaborated in someway lol.

Hachiroku vs R35 GTR on the Togue

That first part of the video was pretty funny, definitely reminded me of Initial D.

Hot Version Inline 6 Shoot Out

That Mine’s R34 is just insane! Not that the Amuse Supra isn’t a beast as well. Later on in the video they have a race with a bunch of cars that have been shamefully discontinued and Orido’s Ridox Supra is another car in the video that really caught my attention, can be daily driven but still a beast at the track.
PS It’s a shame that Best Motoring and Hot Version have also been discontinued 😦