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Ryan’s SiR

Video after the jump.

Luis’ 86


Subaru BRZ STi Concept


eGarage’s TAS 2012 Coverage // Tokyo Auto Salon from Luke Huxham on Vimeo.

Meaner Than Hell

Meaner Than Hell from Unscene Media on Vimeo.

“Racing is life…anything that happens before or after is just waiting.”

Random Pic: A Low Subaru

Yves Piaget


Evasive Motorsports at Super Lap Battle 2011

Pretty cool video.

Subwave – Better Love (Light Version)

It tickles your soul.

Clean RX-8

Hit the jump for the backside.


Tuner of Hondas, lives a few blocks down from both Spoon Sports and Feel’s…sick. It’s definitely also interesting to note that Spoon Sports helped this tuner come to life by supporting, setting examples and even literally sending customers over. Talk about supporting your industry!

Babalouie’s Hakosuka

That is JDM love. Let’s not forget to mention just how sick that L30 was sounding towards the end of the video.

Random Pic: Black GTR

Sick wallpaper.

Clean NSX


HKS Garage R in Singapore


530 hp EVO VIII

The Voltex kit is so perfect for the VIII.

Tim’s Green Machine

So clean and timeless. Props to Tim Schultz from Hybrid Racing.

Pebble Pushin 350Z

This shit cray.

Random Pic: Sexy Bimmer

La Platik


Cleanest 240SX



Decked out!

Varis Booth at TAS 2012

Voltex Cyber Evo