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Dominican Food

Poppin off on some of this food.
Fried Cheese
Fried cheese paired up with some poppin totones, look it up if you don’t know haha.

Japanese Hibachi in Ohio

So me and Liz decided to head to Ohio to visit her parents for my Spring break. Sounded like a good idea to me…get away from the city and chill for a little. It’s so quiet and relaxing out here.
First thing we did was head to this hibachi place, did some research first though and apparently in the US we often refer to it as “hibachi” but it’s actually teppanyaki style. Either way it was good food!


Large flames galore!
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Franklin Fountain

Me, my gf Liz and our friend Spencer just had to get some!
Franklin Fountain
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Some Vietnamese Food

Hadn’t eaten all day, but it all ended well lol. Was supposed to go to a car show with my friend Jonathan but ended up just piggin out.

Some Vietnamese food.



This restaurant got me addicted to sushi, hadn’t been there in a while until today.
Also took a pic of my car, this is how it looks after throwing on some skunk2 shocks and skunk2 springs with skunk2 control arms.
After the Drop