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Nissan Skyline – Everything you need to know

You know the deal.

Motorhead – Heart vs Head

R32 Anyone?

1200 hp R32 Skyline

Jeremy Clarkson Meets Keiichi Tsuchiya

Auto Gallery R32

Sexy sexy.

– Car Name: Auto Gallery Yokohama GT-R32
– Base Model: Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32)

– Max HP: 800ps (Boost 1.9kgf/cm2)
– Turbine: HKS T51R Special
– Boost Controller: HKS EVC-V
– CPU: HKS F-Con VPro

– Suspension: Force Sports
– Springs: Hyperco F16kg, R16kg
– Transmission: SS690R ver2
– Tires: Hankook C-70, F295/30R18,R295/30R18

5-lap Tsukuba battle between generations of GTRs

My boy Oscar posted this on Facebook, first thing I noticed was just how beast that MCR R34 is. Scramble boost right off the line lol.

Christina’s VW R32 Golf


Random Pic: The Family

Pretty cool.

Random Picture: R32 Skyline

Another monster.

Nissan R34 and R35 Wallpaper

HD Wallpaper - R35 & R34 GTR
This is a sick picture, just what your desktops have been waiting for right?
Click here for another sick R32 wallpaper.