Spoon Sports and one of their S2000s

Such a sick car, hit the jump for upclose pics of one of their S2000s in the Spoon Garage.

Probably the only drop top/2-seater I would ever consider buying if I were trying to purchase such a vehicle. Spoon did such a good job with this one.

Spoon S2000

Spoon S2000

Spoon S2000

Spoon S2000

Spoon S2000

Spoon S2000

Spoon S2000

Spoon S2000

Installing Pistions and Rods

Installing Pistons

Installed Pistons

Tuning Coilovers

Spoon S2000

Spoon S2000

Fully Built F20C

Spoon Sports Machine and Engine Shop

Spoon Valve Train

Port and Polish

Spoon Dry Sump

Various Spoon Builds

Oil Pan

Spoon S2000

Driver's Side
Ref: Honda Tuning Magazine

I would be quite the happy guy if I could have my own car built and tuned by such a shop as this. I don’t think I will ever catch a shop here in the states looking this good with that many bad ass cars in their garage.
S2000 Mega Battle

Spoon Sports Showroom=Heaven

Here’s a wallpaper of a red one too 🙂
S2000 Wallpaper

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