Spoon Sports US

Hit the jump for two more videos!!

It’s a shame Opak Racing (shown in the videos) no longer distributes them as far as I know (defend authenticity?), although I think Go Tuning just recently became a carrier. Anyways, I definitely agree with the idea that a good car is all about balance. What’s 600, 500 or even 350 hp without being able to properly put it down to the ground. By that I don’t just mean big slicks on the quarter mile, but being able to hug corners without losing that sense of speed. I have love for all motor sports disciplines from NASCAR to NHRA but theres something about Time Attacks, Super Taikyu, Super GT and even autocross that just gets me going. A bit of a rant but thats why I like brands like Spoon.

Here’s a wallpaper of their Accord, courtesy of the octane report.
Spoon Sports Honda Accord

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