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350Z vs NSX on Forza

On my Fujiwara shit, except in a Z.

Mine’s R35 vs Spoon Sports NSX-R GT

Hit the jump for the next two parts.

Spoon Sports NSX-R

Beautiful sound.

Tuner NSX vs NSX-R

Shame the Phase NSX wasn’t up to par, it definitely looked good imo.

Bow’s Honda Gallery

Ikeda Kazuhiro AKA Bow was commissioned by Honda and this is what came out of it. Pretty sweet imo, check out a few more paintings after the jump.

History and Comparison between NSX-R and F430

Definitely learned something new as well as gained newfound respect for Ferrari. Let’s not forget that it’s also sick to just see Tsuchiya-san blast through the touge in a NSX-R and a Ferrari. Something about those paddle shifters ticks me off though lmao, I want more control!