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Spirit-R FD


Hot Version D1 RX-7 Battle

Hot Version Vol. 111 – Touge Championship 2011

I love the MCR GTR but it made me feel warm inside when the C-SER GRB won 0:). You could tell Okachan was happy, and a valiant effort it was in trying to dethrone the FD (funny coincidence that they’re both super bright green). But, may he make more parts for all the GRBs out there!

Hot Version Vol. 107 Pics



Rotors Everywhere

Madbul in D1NZ Round 3 2011

Hot Version Volume 97

All about the rotary.

Bad Ass Miata


Mazda RX-8

Looks cool.

Tuan’s Mazda RX-8

KISS, keep it simple stupid!

Rotary Experience

Craft Company FD

Looks amazing.

Ultimate Tuner Rotary Battle

Love it.

FD at the Gunsai Touge