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Just a small taste I know lol.

Red and Matte Black GTR

What a looker.

Matchless Crowd Racing R34


A closer look at Mine’s epic GTR


Random Pic: R35


Esprit HKS R35 vs Esprit Trust R35 vs FamSpeed FD3s vs MCR R34

Nice battle.

Mine’s R34 at Ebisu Circuit

Ultimate response!

White Godzilla

First time I see a Voltex wing on an R35.



Auto Select R34


Taniguchi drifts a BenSopra kitted R35

So graceful through corners haha, sad that he blew the turbo. I wanted to see more!

Clarkson tests out an R33

What a beast.

Tsuchiya Drifts the R34

He really is the drift king haha.

Babalouie’s Hakosuka

That is JDM love. Let’s not forget to mention just how sick that L30 was sounding towards the end of the video.

Random Pic: Black GTR

Sick wallpaper.