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More of that Minty Green Z

Miguel’s MintyZ from Mikeesteeez on Vimeo.

Rocking a new lip I see.

Riding Low Comes at a Price

You guys might remember the minty fresh 350Z I posted up a while ago. It’s super low and it lost it’s lip at Nisei Showoff.

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TRD Altezza vs Nismo 350Z at Tsukuba

I don’t know why the Altezza/IS300 isn’t given as much love as other cars, they can pack a punch too.

Minty Fresh 350Z

StanceWorks always bringing the heat.

FR Battle Between S2000 and 2 350Zs

The Ulitimate FR Challenge Z33 vs. S2000 – Hot Version International 1/2 from GTChannel on Vimeo.

That Amuse S2000 is a beauty.
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Lowballers X Royale Origin Hang out Video

Friday Night Lights from Neek on Vimeo.

Those are some sick 350Zs, seems their easy to get real low. Don’t know how I feel about the planking though lol.

Touge 300 Class Vids

Came across this today, love seeing touge races. Something about sharp corners and tight suspension setups really grabs my attention.

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