Mean Green E92

IND has done it again.

Quoted from IND: “The skies above Autobahn were a foreboding grey all day, and late October was making its presence felt with rain forecast for the entire day and track temperatures struggling to reach the 50 degree mark. This would not be an ideal day to shake down a brand new car, but we pressed on. We set out on Autobahn’s cold pavement in the afternoon, just after taking care of basic alignment, corner balancing, and tire pressure settings in the morning. We knew that the updates made to Green Hell would make for a better car to drive at speed, but we had not yet proven the car as a package. All of us stood by in nervous anticipation as our guest driver took his first tentative laps in the car.

As the tires warmed and our driver gained some comfort with the new setup, we began to watch the car closely. Green Hell’s lap times were dropping lap after lap as our driver grew more comfortable with the Brembo brakes incredible stopping power and the car’s amazing ability to harness and control the supercharged engine’s pavement-shredding 530 plus horsepower. Even with a basic setup and no time allotted for true suspension tuning Green Hell proved to be easy and forgiving to drive with an incredible amount of grip. All of us waited with happy anticipation for the car to come into the pits for the next round of adjustments and refinements, when very suddenly our fears were realized and the grey skies above Autobahn opened and it began to rain.

We knew immediately that we would not have the opportunity to truly push the car in the remaining few hours of the day, but while our shakedown and tuning day was cut short, we still had some laps to do and everyone at the track with Green Hell wanted to make the best of it. Although our Falken street tires were less than ideal for wet conditions like this, the car performed flawlessly even in this treacherous weather. Although we were not taking lap times in any sort of official fashion, our test driver managed an approximately 1:16 lap time on Autobahn’s North course in soaking wet weather with very little time in the M3. The same driver achieved a personal best time of 1:07 in his 996 GT3 Cup Car with Hoosier slicks installed in dry weather, so of course we all beamed with pride knowing we did quite well for a first test day! We still have a great deal of tuning, adjustment, and proving ahead of us before anyone can say that Green Hell is truly perfectly set, but our first shakedown of the car was extremely encouraging.

Of course, Green Hell is still not a dedicated racing car. Green Hell will always have a complete interior, navigation, air conditioning, a great BMW sound system, and all the other comforts necessary for true mixed use. Lap times, for this reason, must be taken with a grain of salt as they are not exactly what the car was created for. However, everyone who saw the car perform on its first test day knew that we had accomplished our true goal. Green Hell was compliant, forgiving, easy to drive at speed, and ludicrously fast around the track. And it certainly didn’t hurt to have the AC and radio blasting on our way home, either.

Without the many wonderful people in the industry this car as well as our other portfolio projects would not be possible.”

IND would like to give Special thanks to the follow:

Danni & Jamie@Race technologies
Craig & Eric@BBS USA for the beuatiful E88′s
Roman & AJ@ESS Tuning
Andreas & Ceclia@Vorsteiner
Sven@Eisenmann Germany
Alan@Sparco USA
Alan@Sparco USA
Justin Wylde
The Autobarn Limited
Patrick BMW
Falken Tires
Macht Schnell
RD Sport”

Mean looking car, check out Jon Sibal for more pictures.

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